On Saturday 4th October and in the European Land Stewardship Week, the CZIP organization held the European Birdwatching Day in Ulcinj Salina, in Montenegro. Both ecological and educational trails were used. Participants were familiarized, trough our guides, with Salina’s richness of biodiversity and tourist potential.

A total of 112 people participated, with the relevant presence of the Diplomatic Core (French, German and Polish Ambassadors and consular officers), the Tourism Ulcinj Organization director and Vice President of the Ulcinj Municipality. The event was opened by the French Ambassador her Excellency Ms. Véronique Brumeaux. They took the opportunity to discuss with the ambassadors about Ulcinj Salina’s problems, so CZIP organized last week meetings with the ambassadors of Poland, Germany and France, all with the purpose of developing activities that will lead to the protection of Salina.

Also, the media was present at the Euro Birdwatching Day: the National TV and TV Vijesti (the most popular TV house in Montenegro).

All were impressed by Salina and its natural wealth! Have a look at the event’s pictures and enjoy!

CZIP Montenegro


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