Qu’Est-ce que c’est?

The Second European Land Stewardship Week is a campaign aimed at promoting events throughout Europe to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the Earth and its wealth of natural and cultural resources. Its main objectives are:

Increase and strengthen knowledge about land stewardship* in European society;

Involve the general public and other stakeholders in land management, conservation of biodiversity and sustainable management of resources;

Promote and increase the impact of the LandLife project** across Europe.


During the first edition of the European Land Stewardship Week in 2012 a total of 231 organizations, public agencies, volunteer groups, municipalities, businesses, schools and other institutions organized more than 420 events with more than 15,000 people taking part in.

Based on the first edition’s success in 2012, the Land Life project has launched again the Second European Land Stewardship Week. Led by the Catalan Land Stewardship Network (XCT), it is backed by four Partners:

European network

To supply Europe, the SELSW relies on a network of collaborating organizations and institutions to help encourage participation. The European Land Stewardship Week is possible thanks to the vital participation and collaboration of people, organizations and institutions.

The SELSW is a good opportunity to make visible to the European Commission and all European initiatives and organizations that work daily for the nature and land conservation.

Activities for everyone

10 days full of activities to enjoy custody in its broadest sense! Field rips, workshops, guided tours, family activities, exhibitions, children’s activities… Plenty of opportunities to enjoy nature and to everyone!

Most activities are geared towards the general public, but you can also find technical activities for municipalities and other institutions.

If you are an organization, institution, etc. and wish to participate by organizing an event for land conservation, register it and be part of this European network!

If you want to participate in one of the activities organized, look for an activity that suites your interests and join the Week!

*Land Stewardship is a set of strategies and tools that aim to involve land owners and users in the conservation and proper use of its natural resources and cultural landscape. It requires direct and active involvement of civil society and it materializes in voluntary agreements between owners (of forest, agricultural or urban landscapes) and land managers.

**Land Life is a LIFE 2011-2014 Information & Communication Project cofunded by the European Commission (LIFE10 INF/ES/540) with the support of the Government of Catalonia. Its objective is to communicate land stewardship values to the general public, institutions and land managers, as a successful and efficient tool for nature and biodiversity conservation.


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