Ideas bank

Here you will find some ideas for different activities that you can organize during the Land Stewardship Week. Even small actions can collectively make a big impact on society, so we encourage you to participate!

  • Organize a field trip to get to know a wildlife area and explain about its flora and fauna as well as the importance of conserving the natural habitat. You can complement it with a breakfast featuring ecological and local products, with support from your town council or a small economic contribution from the participants.
  • Organize an informational workshop about land stewardship, explaining to land owners and land managers what opportunities are available.
  • Organize a round table about agriculture and land stewardship; invite an agricultural association and discuss synergies and possible land stewardship strategies to establish new relationships for collaboration.
  • Why don’t you organize a cooking class to share a smart, healthy recipe with ecological ingredients or a special local product that you would particularly like to promote?
  • Organize a tasting event for local and ecological products. If they are made by a producer with a land stewardship agreement, even better!!
  • Organize a volunteer day, to carry out or support a conservation activity, such as: cleaning up a river, beach or forest, or planting trees, or restoring a favourite piece of your natural and cultural heritage, etc.
  • Get the little ones involved! Organize a storytelling event at a nature site. Tell a story that has a land conservation message. Are you in contact with a theatre or music group? Invite them so that they add life to the story.
  • Show a documentary or film that encourages people to reflect and discuss current issues with some relation to land stewardship.
  • Are you already planning an event that coincides with the dates of the land stewardship week? Add it to the official calendar to give greater exposure to your event and the message you are promoting!

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