On 28th Septembre, the partners of the Heritage-Driver of Development project organized an event for the Second European Land Stewardship Week, “Music at the top of the hill” that attracted an audience of over 80 people.

Unusual place and the time of the concert of classical music once again turned to be stimulus and not an obstacle to the numerous visitors to come to the area of Vrmac and, joining the performers, to turn it into a fantastic stage under the open sky.

Concert in the autumn afternoon at the top of St. Vid, named “Music at the top of the hill”, attracted an audience of over 80 people. Also this concert, the latest in a series of concerts within the campaign “Landscape Days”, has proved that the space Vrmac has the potential, as an outstanding cultural landscape, to be used for cultural purposes.

Through the campaign „Landscape days”, part of the project”Heritage- driver of development”, by organizing different events, offering the experience of space Vrmac through colors, sounds, smells, tastes, the main goal is to bring as many citizens and visitors into the space of the peninsula to show the ways how this unique landscape could be valorized without tarnishing its natural and cultural heritage and landscape, as a comprehensive category of human activity in space over time. By organizing a concert at Mount Vrmac top (Sv. Vid) the partners of the project are joining the European Land Stewardship Week, which is taking place throughout Europe from the 26th of September to the 5th of October 2014.

The Second European Land Stewardship Week is a campaign aimed at promoting events throughout Europe to raise awareness about the importance of taking care of the Earth and its wealth of natural and cultural resources. Land Stewardship is a set of strategies and tools that aim to involve land owners and users in the conservation and proper use of its natural resources and cultural landscape.

The church of St. Vid dates from the 9th century, and it is located in one of the furthest peaks on Tivat side of Vrmac, whose terraces offers a fantastic view of Tivat Bay, Luštica Peninsula and the slopes of the Vrmac itself. Concert in the late afternoon, flute- Bruna Matijevic, violin- Nevila Klakor, harmonics- Goran Sevaljevic, works by Mozart, Piazzolla, Debussy, the sunset that warms and the wind of god Aeolus, who, as per orders, quelled the north wind bura, made the atmosphere was complete . As usual, faithful friends from Squirrels have adjusted their Sunday walking tour on Vrmac to finish by arriving at the “Music at the top of the hill” and shared autumn afternoon with those who came to St. Vid in their own arrangement or got organized transport from Tivat.

And they all wondered what is to come. Under the “Landscape Days” there is one more event planned for this fall – gastronomic event in Gornja Lastva (Antonela Stjep?evi?, MNE PR of the project).



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