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Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Montenegro

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8:00 - 16:00

Ulcinj salina

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Center for Protection and Research of Birds (CZIP) has, in June 2013, started with the realization of the project “Ulcinj Salin a as an Ecotourism Destination“ financed by the Critical Ecosystem Partnership Fund (CEPF). Project main objective is to make Ulcinj Salina an eco tourist destination.
Salina has economic benefits based solely on the production of salt which is from year to year questionable, and salt as the final product is becoming cheaper. Management has not recognized the biodiversity of Salina as an economic value that can be used as sustainable and economic compensation for poor performance as a salt factory. The introduction of eco-tourism in Salina revenues will increase interest in active protection of Salina. Tourist infrastructure creates realistic platform for the active protection of Salina’s rich biodiversity. As a part of the project tourist infrastructure will be built on Ulcinj Salina, and it will include cycling, eco and educo trail, while the visitors will also be able to enjoy in the view on flora and fauna all from the renovated and newly built watch towers in the Salina centre. Renovation of the gift shop, museum and of two watch towers is also planned, along the construction of one new watcht ower and the purchase of bicycles which will all be available for the visitors.
CZIP is working on the promotion of Salina as an eco-tourist destination, and for these purposes brochures and leaflets will be printed and web site and movie about Salina will be made. In August 2014 a Salt festival will be organized. In order to complete the project Center for Protection and Research of Birds has up until now renovated a part of the museum, replaced the worn out fences and stairs on the watchtowers, built an access bridge to one of the watch towers, and has started with works on the gift shop.
Car was purchased, as planned by the project, and Center is using it for the project purposes as it was much needed for our organization. Car is used for bird monitoring, maintenance of infrastructure, transport of old and handicapped persons and as a transport for bicycles to drop points.
CZIP is utilizing volunteers for this project and they are helping in the production of souvenirs which will be sold in the souvenir shop. With the help of volunteers we have gathered salt crystals, salt and medicinal mud, and the next order of business is to pack these souvenirs as well as the design of their labels.

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