On 6th October, the Partnership Fund organized “Close to Eco*” Day as a part of the Week of Proximity (Tydzie? Blisko?ci) and of the Second European Land Stewardship Week, held in the Nowa Huta District of Krakow (Nowa Huta is a post-industrial and most green part of the city).

The event grouped 240 children involving Krakow’s kinder-gardens taking part in “Close to Eco” project. The Partnership Fund and all those childrens built together a tree from recycled materials, and kids could suspend recilced leaves on it. There was a recycling point, showing how can we give things a second chance! There were also announced the winners of the art contest.

We thank our partners and participants!

Have a look at the pictures and let’s get together CLOSE TO ECO!

*The Project “Close to Eco” is funded by the Regional Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management in Krakow.

Fundusz Partnerstwa


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