The Second European Land Stewardship Week, which begins tomorrow Friday 26th September and will run until 5th October, features more than 350 eventsorganized in 17 European countries!

We encourage you to find an event and participate in this very special week for land conservation!

Birdwatching, tours, workshops, family activities, volunteer journeys to recover endangered habitats, tasting organic and stewardship products, guided tours … You will find plenty of activities to live nature all around Europe!

Apart from choosing an activity to do your bit for Earth, we also want to encourage you to join the campaign Connect with Nature by sharing your pictures showing how you connect with nature! Share them via Twitter or Instagram (#connectnature) or just send them via the web form, especially if you participate in any of the activities!

The 2nd European Land Stewardship Week is a citizen campaign promoting activities throughout Europe to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the earth and its natural, cultural and landscape values??. It also promotes land stewardship as a strategy for conservation of natural areas.

During 10 days, live nature and participate in the 2nd European Land Stewardship Week!


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